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My name is Rosy and I’m the writer of this recipe website. I’m a food lover who for all time finds great pleasure in eating and cooking. I believe that eating and cooking give me some kind of therapy that helps to rejuvenate my blissful mood after working all day long.

I usually cook with simple yet nutritious ingredients. The ingredients are easily found in the grocery stores and I do not really use any fancy ingredients. I cook the food simple but tasty. As well, the recipes that I write here are very straightforward and effortless.

In this recipe website, I am bringing you with my own special recipes that are inherited over many generations. While some of the recipes are inspired from dining at the best restaurants around the world. There is also a couple of recipes that are adapted from some famous cooks out there. Those tested till perfect recipes are hoped to bring delight to your kitchen. You are welcome to try and dash your own creativity to the recipe. You can also share your recipe at our “Send Recipe” section. I believe that food is the way to connect with people.

Cooking with love

The recipe website is dedicated to my beloved mom who's always inspired me by her splendid scrumptious cuisine. My mom is the one who's always enthused me on the joy of “cooking with love”