RapidShare Manager 2 (RSM2)

The RapidShare Manager 2 (RSM2) simplifies uploading and allows simultaneous downloads. It allows you to resume interrupted uploads and downloads.

Features of RSM2

RapidShare Manager 2 (RSM2)
File Manager

To manage, organize and download all your files. Use extensive functions which improve the handling of your files and folders.

RapidShare Manager 2 (RSM2)
Multiple uploads and downloads

No waiting for one upload or download to finish until you can start the next! Using the RSM you can upload and download a large number of files simultaniously.

RapidShare Manager 2 (RSM2)

You can share folders in your RapidShare account with your friends with different kinds of access rights. You can choose exactly who has access to what content.

RapidShare Manager 2 (RSM2)
Manage several accounts

Using the RapidShare Manager you can see and manage all your accounts without hassle, and without having to login to all of the accounts individually.



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