Privacy Policy

  • RapidShare AG reserves the right to close accounts, which are shared with other people. No refund nor replacement will be provided:
    1. Users may save any file at RapidShare irrespective of the file format or of the file contents. Excluded, however, are files the possession and/or circulation of which is illegal, such as
      • Child pornography
      • Works the download of which violates third party copyrights
      • Racist or violence-glorifying works
      • Instructions for criminal offenses against public order
      • (This list is not conclusive.)
    2. RapidShare will block access to such contents immediately after obtaining knowledge thereof and will delete them after an examination phase of 14 days. Furthermore, it will delete files which are identical to previously deleted files
    3. With regard to users who violate these upload regulations, RapidShare is entitled to terminate the contractual relationship without notice , to block the access of the respective users to its services and/or to delete accounts of such users including all contents

  • The premium accounts and Rapids are not transferable nor for resell.

  • If you have paid extra RM in your payment, your extra RM can be redeemed only in your next purchase from us. No cash refund nor mobile top up will be provided. However, you may request for wire refund which may need administration's approval.

  • We are not responsible in any ways for any delay caused by the banks.

  • Your payments will be checked manually and NOT via an automated system. Therefore, it may take some time (a few minutes to a few days depending on method and time of your payment) to review, fraud check and match your payment with your provided details. Confirmation of your account activation will be sent to you once we have activated your account.

  • If you have made your payment using Interbank transfer (from any other banks to our Maybank or CIMB), it may take 1 to 4 days to receive your payment. (e.g.: Bank Islam, RHB, BSN, PB, HSBC, etc...)

  • Immediate activation is only possible when our live support is online. Regular activation hour applies while our live support is offline. Our live support does NOT operate 24/7.

  • If you do require immediate activation and you do not wish to wait, please make sure our live support is online, and then contact our live support BEFORE making your payment.

  • By default, you will receive a new RapidShare premium account with Rapids as per your payment if you do not include your RapidShare account number in our online details form once your payment has been made or, if your provided RapidShare account does not exist.

  • Make sure to fill out our online details form immediately after your successful payment. Otherwise, we will not be aware of your order and your contact information to send your activation to.

  • The prices shown are subject to change without any prior notice.

  • By ordering/purchasing from Alfosool or submitting its Online Details Form, the buyer/user has agreed with all Alfosool rules, policies and has waived his/her rights to sue or file any lawsuit against Alfosool or its staff.

  • Alfosool does not host any sort of file on its server with the purpose of public file-hosting and all files uploaded on is full responsibility of the uploaders and Rapidshare AG. Alfosool does not hold any responsibility towards any file downloaded and uploaded from and to Rapidshare AG servers.

  • Alfosool does not hold any responsibility towards its customers' action (includes but not limited to: uploading and downloading) or misuse of any of its services.

  • Kindly read and understand Rapidshare AG privacy policy here:!rsag_ppolicy as well as Terms of use here:!rsag_tou

  • Alfosool Policies are subject to change without any notification. If necessary due to any changes, this page will be updated.

Last update: 27 July 2012

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