Free Gifts

  • Free Rapidshare T-Shirts

    Free Rapidshare T-Shirts

  • Free Rapidshare Caps

    Free Rapidshare Caps

  • Free Rapidshare Lanyards

    Free Rapidshare Lanyards

  • Free Rapidshare Straps

    Free Rapidshare Straps

  • Free 500 Rapidshare Rapids

    Free 30 Days 250 GB RapidPro

  • Free 1,500 Rapidshare Rapids

    Free 1 Year 250 GB RapidPro

How to get your free gifts

Every purchase, earns you points!

With every purchase, you are eligible to enter our contest. Every 30 Days of activation, gives you 1 point. There is no limit on how much points you can earn weekly. The more points you earn, the more chances to win.

With every extra point you have, your will double your chance to win. For example, if you have 3 points, your name will be added to the lucky draw list, 3 times.

Monthly lucky draw!

Every month, we will have a lucky draw to pick random names, which includes customers within that month, who have purchased any of our packages. Winners will be contacted as usual, the next day of lucky draw.

What will winners get?
  1. Free Rapidshare T-Shirt with a Rapidshare Cap and a Rapidshare Lanyard as well as a Rapidshare Strap, or:
  2. Free 30 Days RapidShare RapidPro with 250 GB, or:
  3. Free 1 Year RapidShare RapidPro with 250 GB
How to receive you prize?
  • If you have won the Rapidshare goodies, you may pick them up free of charge. (Pick up available only in Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bharu and Penang.) Shipping by post is available to any location worldwide. (Additional fees may apply)
  • If you have won one of the free Rapids packages, you can receive them in your existing account or request for a new account.

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