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Alfosool is a private company with a Registered branch in Malaysia as well as branches around the world. Alfosool was originally founded in 1981 providing professional health care and herbal medicine. Currently working on wide range of activities such as Computer Networking, Programming, Jewelry Supplies, Health Care and Herbs.

We are officially working with Rapidshare AG for over 6 years and happy to serve all our customers the way they deserve.


Alfosool's Rapidshare comes in a new interface


Alfosool Pvt. Ltd. Design Team is proud to present you the new Alfosool's Rapidshare website. This new interface will help you to quickly and efficiently find and purchase your desired Rapids package with no hassle. The dual language system, allows you to choose your desirable language between English and Bahasa Malaysia, which will cover the entire Alfosool's Rapidshare new website. Buyers' requirement has been eliminated and accessibility to useful tools has been provided.

We hope you will love our new features and come back again!

Alfosool Pvt. Ltd. Design Team

Rapidshare AG

RapidShare was invented by the German Christian Schmid a few years ago when he was looking for a new option for sending and filing large files, because it was only possible to send these by e-mail to a limited extent. He therefore developed the first 1-click file hoster, at that time under the name of ezShare, and initially as a private service. The service spread rapidly because it met a real need felt by a large number of people: to store large files quickly and easily and send the download links to friends and acquaintances. As a result of the substantial demand, shortly afterwards Schmid turned the living room idea into a business model and founded RapidShare AG, based in Cham/Switzerland. Since then, RapidShare has become the leading 1-click file hoster, employing more than 50 people. The website rapidshare.com is among the most visited websites worldwide. An estimated 400,000 files a day are uploaded onto the company's powerful server farms.

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