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Please read before contacting us and posting new topics ... - Rapidshare Premium Account rules

Postby Admin » Tue Dec 16, 2008 12:13 pm

Dear readers and members,

Please read all our privacy policy located in It's not much, so i really expect you all to read them before contacting us or purchasing.

The Privacy Policy:

1- RapidShare AG reserves the right to close accounts, which are shared with other people. No refund nor replace will be provided in this or following cases:

A- Basically, users may save any file at RapidShare irrespective of the file format or of the file contents. Excluded, however, are files the
possession and/or circulation of which is illegal, such as

- child pornography content,
- works the download of which violates third party copyrights;
- racist or violence-glorifying works,
- instructions to criminal offenses against public peace.

(This list is not conclusive.)

B- RapidShare will block access to such contents immediately after obtaining knowledge thereof and will delete them after an examination phase
of 14 days. Furthermore, it will delete files which are identical to previously deleted files.

C- With regard to users who violate these upload regulations, RapidShare is entitled to terminate the contractual relationship without notice , to
block the access of the respective users to its services and/or to delete accounts of such users including all contents.

2- The Premium Accounts and points are not transferable nor for resell.

3- If you have lost your password and "forgotten password" feature does not recognize your email address, kindly contact us only by using the same email address you have used to purchase your account from us at the first place. We will reset your account and will send you the new password.

4- TrafficShare is only for RapidShare Premium Account users or who wish to buy a new premium account and add the TrafficShare to it. There is no daily or time limit for this package but it is valid until your Premium account expiries or you have spent all the Traffic Data (GB). TrafficShare is an allocated download quota that can be flexibly applied:

A- For one; to offer files for direct download: The receiver can instantly save the file, without being a RapidShare Premium member. The cost for
the accumulated data-traffic is covered be the owner of the file.

B- On the other hand, you can use TrafficShare to stock up your own download volume. When you download a file and have exhausted your
download quota, the system automatically allocates 1 Gigabyte of your TrafficShare quota as download traffic. For this a balance of at least 6 GB
needs to be booked to your TrafficShare Account.

5- Kindly make sure to add your own working email address to your account profile and change your password regularly by 1) Login to your account, 2) Click on 'settings', 3) Enter your email address in email field, 4) Enter your new password in password fields, 5) Click 'Save' and 'OK'.

6- If you have paid extra RM in your payment, your extra RM can be redeemed only in your next purchase from us. No cash refund nor mobile top up will be provided. However, you may request for wire refund which needs administration's permission.

7- We are not responsible any anyways for any delay caused by the banks.

8- Your payment will NOT be checked via an automated system, so it may take some time for our personnel to review and match your payment to your provided details. Your account details will be sent to you once your payment has been matched with your details.

9- If you have made your payment using Interbank System from any other banks but NOT Maybank or CIMB, it may take up to 5 days to receive your payment. (e.g.: Bank Islam, RHB, BSN, PB, HSBC, etc...)

We support all kinds of connections. If you’re using a DSL-8.000 for example, you can save 100 megabyte from within 100 seconds. A Premium Account enables you to download 5 Gigabyte per day, that’s byte per day and byte a month. The volume not used is automatically transferred to the following day, up to a maximum of 25 gigabyte. If the complete download capacity is used up during one day, the premium-user need to wait for the following day to continue downloading or use TrafficShare left in his/her account.

11- Your files are only deleted, once you close your Account. You can use 500 Gigabyte (500.000.000.000 Byte) storage space. In case you exceed this amount for longer than 48 hours, your account will automatically be converted to a Storage XXL account. Files being not downloaded longer than 90 days will then automatically be deleted.

By default, you will receive a one month RapidShare premium account, if you have paid for any TrafficShare packages but did not provide us with your existing RapidShare account number or your provided RapidShare account number does not exist. For the remaining amount refer to part 6 privacy policy (above).

13- By default, you will receive a new premium account (as your payment) if you are extending your existing RapidShare account but your provided RapidShare account does not exist.

14- To be as customer friendly as possible, our accounts do NOT automatically renew! You can manually extend anytime before expiry date or maximum 13days after expiry.

15- For each 10,000 points you have earned, you can renew your existing account for extra one month! Or get a new account.

16- Points for new account opening are 1,000 points for each month new/renewal account. (e.g.: 3 month new/renew account = 3,000 points).

17- The prices shown are subject to change without any prior notice.

18- By filling out our Online Payment Details Form, you have agreed with our rules and policies and you have waived your rights to sue or file any lawsuit against us if you break the rules.

19- Your payment will not be checked via an automated system. Therefore, it may take some time (few hours to few days) to review, fraud check and match your payment with your details. Confirmation for your account activation will be sent to you immediately once these processes have been done.

20- You are welcome to our forum to discuss on anything at:

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